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Actress in Lo-Ruhamah(2014-15) and
in The Perfect Conductor(2013-14)

1) Why you got involved in CUCDS?
I've received an email last year about CUCDS and they were looking for christians to involve in the production. I thought it is a very interesting way to let people know the gospel and I like acting, so I went for the audition and got a part in the drama. I had lots of fun and made lots of new friends, but the most important is that this event attracts people to know about Jesus. Therefor, I decide to continence to involve in CUCDS this year.

2) Memorable moments/your CUCDS experience?
Too many good memories, too many bloopers and laughs... too hard to pick one :p but I'm so touched by all the front + back stage people treating this production in a very professional way, even though we are just university students!

3) A few things you'd like to say to our guests?
Jesus said " The thief comes only to steal and kill and destroy; I came that they may have life, and have it abundantly." (John 10:10)

Sarah Tan
Director of Lo-Ruhamah(2014-15)
Stage manager of The Perfect Conductor(2013-14)
Actress in Lo-Ruhamah(2014-15) and in The Perfect Conductor(2013-14)

Hello! So thrilled that you're reading this! I'm Sarah, now a third-year geography undergraduate at Fitz. By God's grace, I first got involved in CUCDS during its 2014 production, The Perfect Conductor, and am really thankful for the opportunity to be involved in Lo-Ruhamah again in 2015. Some of the more memorable experiences I've had in Lo-Ruhamah include:

Cutting Peter (a stuffed toy panda) up¡K then re-attaching his head

¡¥Oh my dearssss, my dearssss¡¦

Hauling up a dead tree from mud with Cherry

¡¥...handsome princess¡¦

¡¥Is maths real??¡¦

I think plays can give voice to questions we didn't know we had, and feelings we didn't know we felt. I pray that just as God has touched our hearts with the plays, so might He touch yours.

Jim Baker
Script writer of Lo-Ruhamah(2014-15)
Actor in Lo-Ruhamah(2014-15) and in The Perfect Conductor(2013-14)

I first got involved in CUCDS acting in The Perfect Conductor in 2014, because I think drama is an excellent way to help communicate some of the good news of Jesus Christ's coming to earth to save his people. It was great to be given the opportunity to write Lo-Ruhamah and I very much enjoyed doing so, as well as being involved in the play in other ways (principally acting Harry). I hope you enjoy watching the play as well and I am praying that it really speaks to you in some way.

Edward Kwok
Treasurer of CUCDS (2014-15)
Producer of The Perfect Conductor(2013-14)
Actor in Lo-Ruhamah(2014-15) and in The Perfect Conductor(2013-14)

Hello! My name is Edward. I believe that CUCDS is a place where Christians can use their talents to share our faith in a unique and very powerful way through drama. Last year was actually my fourth year taking part in CUCDS productions, and every single year I see God's mighty hand working among the cast and crew, and also through the drama. Every year organising the play is a journey of faith and He has taught me to put our trust in Him, the One who is truly in charge, and that His plans are higher than ours. Thank you for coming and I hope you'll enjoy the play!

Tim Yung
Secretary and Publicity Officer of CUCDS (2014-15)
Director of The Perfect Conductor(2013-14)
Actor in Lo-Ruhamah(2014-15) and in The Perfect Conductor(2013-14)

From the projectionist (2013) to director (2014), being involved in 2015, as an actor, has been a joy and privilege once again. Why do I keep coming back to CUCDS? Several reasons: involvement in theatre is fun; it's great seeing every year surpass the previous; and it's yet another sphere in which we see God's goodness. There is much to be grateful for how the production in 2015 has come together, and much grace! The script for Lo-Ruhamah has been particularly compelling, whilst there have been memorable and funny moments with this motley crew. The process has been a real joy!

Stephanie Soler
Actress in Lo-Ruhamah(2014-15)

I got involved in Lo-Ruhamah because I liked the fact that I would be doing a play which had a great message. I love the fact that the cast and production team's main aim was to proclaim the gospel! It's so nice being part of this wonderful team! Rehearsals were a great way to get to know everyone and have a laugh. Praying all together as a cast was a lovely experience and made me feel like part of a true community :)

Iona Tattershall
Actress in Lo-Ruhamah(2014-15)

I first heard about CUCDS in a CUSU bulletin giving the final call for anyone who wanted to get involved in Lo-Ruhammah. (I'm not that great at reading these emails so it was a bit of luck that I spent more time looking through the notices that week!) I'd been thinking about getting involved in more drama at Cambridge and a Christian format sounded really great. I've never been involved in anything like this before but it's been a really great experience seeing God working through the play and everyone involved in it! :)

Yuqing Chen
Actress in Lo-Ruhamah(2014-15)

I got involved in CUCDS out of a simple curiosity; of wanting to try something new at university. It seems fun, and it's a good way to show people the truth I believe in, so why not? But after I joined, it turned out to be so much more! I found myself identifying with my character, and other characters in the play as well, perhaps not in the specific values and beliefs, but in the ways of thinking. Through Lo-Ruhamah, I have learnt more about myself, about the way I view my faults, the way I view people around me, and the way I view life. I have despaired at the similar weaknesses I share with the character I am playing as, but through the play, God has shown me that it is even more reason to turn to Him and find comfort in Him! I am really thankful for the amazing story and the privilege of acting and learning in it!

Jennifer Ko
Actress in Lo-Ruhamah(2014-15)

I got involved in CUCDS because... I've heard all about it in the past 2 years and I'd like to contribute to this meaningful production :) My CUCDS experience is... full of warmth! Everyone is so friendly and caring, and it feels so good working with people who share the same goal - we're just like a family! What I want to say to you all... While enjoying the upcoming drama production, I invite you to spend some time and reflect personally what it's trying to say to you :)

Arthur Kung
Actor in Lo-Ruhamah(2014-15)

I wasn't a keen actor and didn't know CUCDS existed before. But from the point when Edward invited me to join, I felt that God has been guiding me to CUCDS. I have acted in a play before, but CUCDS is really different. It really does make you feel like you're part of a big family. We have a more important goal than just acting well, and it is to give glory to God. I love the way that CUCDS collects prayer points every rehearsal, as it reminds us that God really is the one who is ultimately in charge of the outcome :)

Cherry Cheung
Producer of Lo-Ruhamah(2014-15)
Actress in Lo-Ruhamah(2014-15)

I first got involved in CUCDS in 2014 as a backstage crew member for The Perfect Conductor. Apart from having a lot of fun managing the lighting, I also had the privilege to work with other members of the cast and crew, who were all really wonderful and loving people. The way they loved and supported each other like a family really touched my heart, and drew me back to CUCDS in 2015. One of the biggest things I learnt from CUCDS is that God is faithful. Even though there were difficulties and complications here and there, God really did guide us through. More than that, He really showed me how people from different backgrounds, with different gifts and different flaws can come together and work with each other through the love that He has freely given us. As John 4:19 says,¡§We love because He first loved us.¡¨
I hope you'll have the chance to enjoy the upcoming drama production!! Whether you are a Christian or not, I sincerely hope you will also come to know God and His love in a deeper way :)

Jonathan Lam
Actor in Lo-Ruhamah(2014-15) and in The Perfect Conductor(2013-14)

Over the past few years CUCDS has been the place where I've met so many talented Christian brothers and sisters. Their creativity and devotion to God's word is always an inspiration to me ¡V and the friendship of the cast and crew ensure that there's never a dull moment in our rehearsals! Throughout the production of Lo-Ruhamah and through playing Gareth, one of the main characters, I've had the chance to look back at my own childhood ¡V not as troubled or dramatic perhaps, but I've certainly come a long way and, by the grace of God, can go even further in the years to come. May the LORD be always present in our lives and helping us grow wherever we are!

Last updated: 08.10.2015