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Drama Production - And There's Another Country

Date: 27th February 2016 (Saturday)
Time: afternoon
Venue: McCrum Lecture Theatre, Corpus Christi College

             (entrance by the Eagle Pub)

Free admission

¡§And There's Another Country¡¨ originally by Jim Baker and Sarah Tan

A kingdom that once flourished under the rule of its wise and true King. But the King was murdered, and his kingdom is now ruled by one Pater Mendax, who led a rebellion against him, declaring a land where everybody was equal, where there were no lords and princes, and where everything worked for the good of all-- although bowing to popular pressure, he did not consent to have himself crowned king.

Yet there are some who say that the true King did not stay dead, but is coming back to rule again.

What is fact? Wht is truth? And should we care about it?
A play about ordinary people asking honest questions.¡¨



Dates and times: Wednesday 21 Oct 4pm - 7pm, Friday 23 Oct 4pm- 7pm and Saturday 31 Oct 1pm - 4pm
Venue: tbc

We are currently recruiting a production team for our upcoming play, And There's Another Country, which will be put on in Lent term. We will be recruiting actors/actresses, props team and backstage team (music, lighting and sound).

Please come along and talk to us if you are interested in participating in the play either as an actor/actress or as backstage. Kindly email for more information on the play.

Both Christians and non-Christians are welcome to take part. Even if you cannot make the above date, but still interested in the production, you can talk to any of our committee members by emailing us at


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