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Yuqing Chen

I got involved in CUCDS out of a simple curiosity; of wanting to try something new at university. It seems fun, and it's a good way to show people the truth I believe in, so why not? But after I joined, it turned out to be so much more! I found myself identifying with my character, and other characters in the play as well, perhaps not in the specific values and beliefs, but in the ways of thinking. Through Lo-Ruhamah (2015), I have learnt more about myself, about the way I view my faults, the way I view people around me, and the way I view life. I have despaired at the similar weaknesses I share with the character I am playing as, but through the play, God has shown me that it is even more reason to turn to Him and find comfort in Him! I am really thankful for the amazing story and the privilege of acting and learning in it!

Sarah Tan
Treasurer and Writer

Hello there! I'm Sarah, a third (and final!) year geographer at Fitz. I first joined CUCDS in my first year íV by a surprise turn of events. Since I had been involved in school productions since I was 10, I initially wanted a break from acting to try new things in my first year in university. But I'm glad I said yes to CUCDS íV because I soon found out that working on a CUCDS production is really different from a normal school production. Whether you're acting, directing, producing, stage managing, doing the lights and soundsíK being part of CUCDS is not about the play that we put up at the end of it. It's about experiencing God's love, through the intersections between the play's characters and their struggles, and our own experiences and struggles. And it's about all of us coming together on a journey of understanding God and ourselves better and better.

Jim Baker
Writer and Director

This is my sixth year in Cambridge; I am currently studying for a PhD in linguistics at Trinity Hall. I have been interested in writing and drama for a long time and have previously acted in two CUCDS productions, as well as writing last year's. I hope that by being involved in writing and directing this year's play I can help provide a picture of the good news of Jesus and the love He has shown for the world, and encourage people to discover more about Him.

Arthur Kung

I am Arthur Kung, a second year mathmo from Emmanuel College. As the director, I will be involved in this year's drama production on the execution aspect and also giving directions to the crew members at the same time.

CUCDS is a family as we develop very intimate relationships during the production. In every rehearsals, we share prayer points and give glory to God with prayers. This really made me feel welcomed and being a part of this family when I first joined. In the coming year, we will be acting but more importantly, I hope we can continue working as a family under God's grace so that more hearts could be brought closer to Him by His marvelous works!

Cherry Cheung

Hello everybody :) I am a third year Geography student at Newnham College. In 2014, I was first involved in the CUCDS as a backstage crew member. Although I was only helping with lighting effects during the production, God has really given me a wonderful experience in watching people with different gifts and abilities all work together as one body in sharing the good news of Jesus Christ with students in Cambridge. In 2015, God has also blessed me with a great opportunity to serve Him as the producer of CUCDS, and I am excited to see how He will continue to guide and provide for us in reaching out to more people this year. Praise God!

"He came and preached peace to you who were far away and peace to those who were near. For through him we both have access to the Father by one Spirit." íX Ephesians 2:17-18

Last updated: 13.10.2015