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Michaelmas 2007



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'Remembrance' is about taking time out of the hustle of life and in particular, the bustle of the festive season, to reflect on the seemingly random people and events that have shaped our familiar practices and more pertinently, who we are.

Dr Chan is the son of a rich philanthropist, and because of the work and influence of his father, he has dedicated his life to helping the poor. Among some of the people he helps are 2 street kids, Li Yang and Bao Yi Ming, whom he saves from broken homes and a life of theft and meaninglessness, and gives them jobs as well as a chance to go to school. Years later, Chan is involved in a car accident which is probably orchestrated by political agents, who pay off Bao, who has become corrupt and overcome by the old jealousy that always plagued him as a boy.

Distraught, Li and other friends whom Chan has helped resolve to set up a foundation and scholarship in Chan's name, and also meet yearly to commemorate Chan's life and death. The meetings occur as planned and the scholarship is set up and thrives. However one day Bao brings some drunk friends to join the commemoration event, and, thinking it is a party, they show no respect for the occasion. From then on, the yearly meetings become larger and rowdier each year, and soon come to resemble a noisy and commercialised party with its own totally unrelated traditions, where no one actually remembers the reason for meeting.

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